The most popular and enjoyable activity has been the “Annual Trips” and “Get-togethers”. These occasions take us back to the good old school days. The hilarious fancy dress, crazy games, baila sessions and super meals give all Mayans a sense of warm togetherness and extreme fun.

i. Annual Trips

Mahamaya OGAC > Trips

ii. Get-togethers

Family Get Together 2011

iii. Book Launch – “With a Fistful of Rice”- 2004

iv. Launching of website – 2006

v. Annual Get-togethers of Colombo branches of Past Pupils’ Associations of Kandy Girls’ schools, which provide opportunities to establish firm bonds of friendship and goodwill

Mahamaya OGAC > Kandy Girls Schools Social Functions

vi. ‘Kandy Bash’ - a day of fun and entertainment for the renewal of old friendships and forging of unity among past pupils of Kandy schools, male and female, spanning several generations.

Kandy Schools’ Walk 2011