Some of our past projects

Social Service Projects

In 2010, after the inaugural dinner dance in the history of Mahamaya, we donated Rs. 700,000/- to build an isolation unit at the Nephrology & Renal Transplant Unit of the Kandy General Hospital through the Kandy Kidney Protection Society.

In 2008, in association with the Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa Trust, we raised funds to provide artificial legs to soldiers who needed them.

In 2007, after a successful fund raiser, we were able to use the resources towards building a much needed house for a disabled serviceman, who had been paralysed when an electric pole fell on him crushing and electrocuting him during a mortar attack. Subsequently we were able to find a sponsor for the child of this serviceman.

In 2004, when the tsunami ravaged our coast line, we immediately mobilized ourselves to assist in the rehabilitation and reconstruction work

a) Schools
We provided school needs, computers, a laboratory room, a complete library with books and cupboards, school bags and accessories for the children, uniform material, shoes, band costumes for a school, a play ground for a pre-school. We helped find a land to construct the new building for Mahamaya College, Hikkaduwa (not a branch of Mahamaya, Kandy) and initiated scholarships for several students whose lives were completely devastated.

b) Counselling Project
Initiated for mentally affected tsunami victims.

c) Training Programs
Initiated in sewing and catering for women to get into these trades. Sewing machines and large scale cooking equipment, cookers, gas cylinders etc., were donated to enable them to restart their lives.

d) Self Employment
was encouraged by donating tools of trade to masons, tillers, carpenters, tailors, small time caterers, stringhopper and hopper makers, an artist, etc.

e) Housing Projects
i. One house in Balapitiya
ii. One house in Hikkaduwa
iii. A roof and a toilet for a house in Hikkaduwa
iv. Abyssinian well for 6 houses

Over the years we have conducted medical camps, an eye camp, provided household items, food and clothing to victims of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, medical equipment, medicine and dry rations to the Army, contributed funds to purchase CAT Scan and MRI scan equipment for the National Hospital, donated funds to the Dalada Maligawa Restoration Fund, provided meals, stationery, furniture, kitchen utensils, clothing material, funds for repairs to orphanages, supplied medicine, equipment and food to the Cancer Hospital, to mention a few.

Assistance to our School

In 2007, we gifted Rs. 100,000/-, towards the purchase of a bus for the school, to be utilized for their many activities.

In 2006, Rs. 200,000/- was donated to the Dance Unit of the school for new costumes and repair of Drums. A Career Guidance seminar was organized for the O’ level and A’ Level students.

In 2002 we bought lane ropes for the School Swimming Pool.

In 2001 we bought fans for the Auditorium. Venerable Anagarika Dharmapala’s residence, Westcliff Bungalow, which was donated to Mahamaya and where the school originated and later converted as the Hostel, was to be demolished to pave way for a Swimming Pool for the school. Our Branch and the Department of Archeology, managed to prevent the destruction of this site. Upon our suggestion, the Mahamaya Archives is housed there at present.

In 1999, the Scholarship Fund was established.
We gifted Rs 168,500/- towards the purchase of curtains for the stage of the newly built Auditorium, bought curtains for the computer room, gifted an electric oven to the Home Science Unit, a radio and a refrigerator to the Hostel, and a Challenge cup for Inter House Debating and a Challenge Shield for Inter House Drama.
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  • Eight Hostel Scholarships at Rs. 2,500/- per month for Grade 5 to Grade 12 students.
  • Four Scholarships for Advanced Level students.
  • Dr. Ananda Athukorale Scholarship for a deserving student.
  • Dr. Hemamala Ratwatte Trilingual Scholarship.
  • Achela Godigamuwa Scholarship for an Advanced Level Maths student.

Religious Activities

Each year, the newly appointed Committee commences its work with a religious activity, some of which were:
Alms Givings for Buddhist monks and participants of meditation programmes, meditation programmes, sil campaigns, Dhamma Desana, pirith desana, Bodhi Poojas, Mal Pahan Poojas and Buddha Poojas.