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After toiling for six long years, August 2003, saw the emergence
of the book ‘With a Fistful of Rice’, the history of Mahamaya authored
by our member Indrani Meegama.

Photos of the book launch

To purchase please contact Secretary by email – http://www.mahamayaogac.com

“With a Fistful of Rice”, unravels the fascinating saga of the founding of Mahamaya Girls’ School in Kandy at a time when Buddhist education had suffered a severe setback owing to the relentless onslaughts of Christian missionary enterprise. This well-researched and well-documented study is not only an investigation into the beginnings of Buddhist women’s education, but also a history of woman-power. It is written in a fluent, readable style, gripping the reader with personal anecdotes intermingled with a great deal of factual information.” – Dr. Lorna Devaraja, Director, Bandaranaike Diplomatic Training Institute, Colombo.

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A Guiding Light – 75 years commemorative volume.
Price: Rs. 300/-