In the wake of the independence movement and Buddhist revival, there was a demand for Buddhist girls’ schools, imparting an English education within a framework of Buddhist culture. However, this demand was not met in the Central Province until Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy opened its doors on 27th August 1932 with sixteen students.

Led by Lady Sarah Soysa and Chitravo Ratwatte, the Sadachara Bauddha Kulangana Samithiya, which was set up for the purpose of establishing Mahamaya, worked tirelessly to achieve their goal. A succession of excellent and dedicated principals ensured the rapid progress of the school.

Today, Mahamaya is a leader among the girls’ schools in the Island and is highly rated among the grade 5 scholars. Apart from achieving academic excellence, the school records all round achievements in sports, aesthetic studies, environmental activities and many other fields. Mahamaya produces a galaxy of modern professionals, career women and caring mothers… an asset to our Nation.